Foreign Exchange

As the FX market continues to become a fully electronic market, Lab49 has been at the forefront of delivering advanced user interfaces and innovative engineering to the front office need for real-time pricing, dealing, and risk management.

Single Dealer Platforms
Lab49 is one of the leaders in the marketplace for designing and building single dealer ecommerce platforms. For many of the largest investment banks, we are at the forefront of online FX trading. Our solutions not only include real-time pricing, order management, and risk management, but they also offer valuable additions like advanced execution, post-trade services, and personalization.
Advanced Trading Functionality
Lab49 develops ecommerce platforms that surface research, news, and trade ideas. Our application of advanced technologies enables the automation of pricing and hedging so our clients can react immediately to diverse market events without interruption. We also have experience in helping clients adapt their platforms dynamically to meet changing regulatory requirements.
FX Growth Strategies
Our strategy group has helped a number of global banks analyze and redesign their business models for future growth. This has included redefining the mix of products and services, realigning customer segmentations, evaluating the competitive landscape, and fine-tuning the organization to achieve the right mix of high volume flow and high-end customer services.
Global Sales Engineering
Although electronic trading has increased significantly, relationships between FX salespeople and their clients are as important as ever. The sales force need tools that provide key client data at the moment the client calls and that analyze a combination of client data and market events to generate custom trading ideas. Lab49 creates technologies like these that let salespeople deliver high-touch service while freeing up time for new trading ideas and more complex transactions.

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As choices proliferate and spreads tighten, the banks with the most usable, useful, and robust platforms will capture the volume of trades. The platforms we develop for our clients are designed and built to achieve that business success.
Nick Pratt Nick Engineering, New York