Lab49 Brings Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 To Leading Financial Services Firms

July 10, 2009: Lab49, a technology consulting firm that builds advanced solutions for the financial services industry, today announced its participation in the launch of Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Microsoft Expression 3.

Lab49’s adoption of cutting-edge Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as these makes it possible for global financial service firms, specifically in the electronic trading domain, to create rich desktop-like experiences for clients through a browser. With traders becoming more sophisticated and demanding, visually appealing solutions are needed, combining the interactivity of a desktop application with simplicity and scalability of internet delivery.

“RIA has become a core technology strategy for innovative companies seeking to provide clients with differentiated offerings that deliver research, trading and operational functionality,” said Vivake Gupta, managing director at Lab49. “The arrival of the Silverlight 3 platform enables us to deliver richer solutions and more functionality with a shorter time to market and lower overall cost.”

The consultancy sees a number of key benefits in the new versions of the Silverlight platform and Expression tools for financial services. Daniel Chait, managing director at Lab49 said, “The new Expression SketchFlow tool is a revolutionary development that directly addresses a core workflow of Lab49’s agile, iterative approach. It allows teams to quickly prototype and sketch out designs for clients and easily incorporate their feedback.” Additionally, the new Silverlight version provides out-of-browser support, allowing Silverlight applications to be installed and launched directly from user’s desktops.

Lab49 is one of the leading firms in the finance industry for designing and developing state-of-the-art front office systems. The company combines User Experience (UX) and multi-disciplinary engineering skills to improve time to market and deliver more intuitive and richer user experiences.

Daniel was the featured industry expert for SketchFlow in the “Visual Kitchen” video produced by Microsoft for the launch event, alongside Jon Harris, senior product manager at Microsoft Corp.

“Microsoft is excited for Lab49 to be part of the Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 launch event,” said Jon Harris, senior product manager at Microsoft Corp. “Lab49’s experience with and commitment to Microsoft technologies like Silverlight and SketchFlow has helped enable Lab49 to create applications quickly and efficiently for the financial services market.”