High performance trading systems.
Across all markets.

Leading firms in ever changing financial markets use technology to act decisively, manage risk, and strengthen relationships. You need high performance trading technologies built to grow your market share, not slow you down. Lab49 creates advanced trading applications that are engineered for success.
The user experience team at Lab49 have a wealth of knowledge in developing advanced user interfaces.

Foreign Exchange

Lab49 has been at the forefront of applying advanced user interfaces and advanced engineering to the front office need for real-time pricing, dealing, and risk management.

Lab49 built a fixed income pricing engine that recalculates the financial performance of a portfolio of securities as market data ticks in real-time.


Lab49 has an unparalleled record of delivering advanced pricing, trading, and risk management systems to the fixed income and interest rate derivatives markets.

Lab49 has built a range of high performance pre-trade, order management, execution, and risk management systems in equities and equity derivatives.


Lab49 has built a wide range of systems for equities and equity derivatives including high performance program trading, direct market access, real-time pre-trade analytics, and options pricing systems.

Visualizing the market is one of our clients' goals. Lab49 has designed, engineered, and delivered solutions to visualize and analyze real-time data.


Lab49 has executed a number of successful high profile projects in the credit and credit derivatives domain including CDS pricing & trading, credit event workflow engines, and client-facing MIS systems.

Lab49 has helped a number of institutions model and analyze collateral performance for distressed debt and build credit, liquidity, and pricing information across the portfolios.

Securitized Products

Lab49 has helped clients understand the performance of their portfolios of securitized products and built sophisticated collateral management and evaluation engines.

Lab49 has built state-of-the-art commodities derivatives pricing platforms.


Lab49 has built real-time quoting, pricing and execution platforms for commodities trading desks that cover base and precious metals and energy market sectors.