Lab49 has helped commodity desks think strategically about risk management and pricing. We have designed technical solutions that calculate real-time risk, automate hedging, and enable efficient trade execution.

Integrated Risk Management
The nature of risk management is changing. Companies in the financial markets are facing increasing business complexity, new regulations, and legislation. Lab49 has advised commodities businesses to address these challenges, by delivering a comprehensive integrated risk management solution across diverse commodity asset classes.
High Performance Pricing
We are experts at building high performance computation architectures that can help commodity businesses handle price volatility. From precious metals to oil, we have helped businesses develop real-time pricing solutions that provide greater control to desk traders.
Brokerage Desktops
Commodity desks build increasingly complex deals, demanding an improved structure and pricing process. Lab49 has experience in building sales and trading desktops that allow complex options or strategies to be modeled and managed for specific client needs.

Commodities Case Studies

Efficient Voice Quoting of Commodity Options

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