Lab49 has built a wide range of systems in equities and equity derivatives including high performance program trading, direct market access, real-time pre-trade analytics, and options pricing systems.

High volume DMA
Equity markets continue to experience liquidity fragmentation and challenges associated with efficient execution at large volumes. As a result, the demand for low latency market access is greater than ever. Lab49 has designed and built high performance domestic and international trade processing platforms to meet the needs of the traders who demand high volume DMA.
Liquidity Platforms
We have extensive experience in building advanced technology solutions for exchanges and companies offering liquidity to institutional investors. Our experience spans from reengineering high performance OMS functionality to designing Alternate Trading Systems (ATS) from the ground up. We have a deep understanding of real-time market data and depth feeds, high performance message handlers, and Smart Order Routing (SOR) platforms.
Research & Trading Analytics
Lab49 has designed a number of platforms allowing clients to offer research and analytics to their customers. We have designed advanced visualization tools for portfolio performance, pre-trade pricing analytics, and scenario analysis tools.
Client Workflow & Reporting
Lab49 has worked on many projects where we have designed the operational workflow for on-boarding institutional clients across all aspects of the client relationship. These include electronic connectivity, sales, account configuration, margining, legal & compliance and client reporting.

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