Lab49 has an unparalleled record of delivering advanced pricing, trading, and risk management systems in the fixed income and interest rate derivatives markets.

Single Dealer Platforms
Lab49 has experience building single dealer rates platforms for the world's biggest banks. We focus on innovative strategies for delivering trading functionality across a wide range of products while maximizing optionality in the current regulatory climate.
High Performance Dealing Systems
Having a low cost infrastructure to support increased volumes in low margin products is a critical driver of continued profitability. Lab49 has experience in all aspects of rates flow trading, including pricing, risk, RFQ, and client tiering. Increasingly, sophisticated infrastructure is required to facilitate central clearing and exchange trading.
Real-Time Risk Platforms
With Lab49, you can achieve your real-time market risk requirements. Lab49 has reengineered programs solving the aggregation, computation, and visualization of market risk. This enables institutions to measure, manage, and evaluate market exposure in real-time.

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