Lab49 has always been focused on the design and delivery of the some of the most advanced trading, pricing, portfolio, and risk management tools in the financial services industry. Our record speaks for itself, and we continue to lead the market in our ability to combine software engineering excellence, domain expertise, and a focus on delivery.

Leaders in single dealer platform Development
Single dealer platforms have seen a major shift in data technology, from an old paradigm based on REST/Web services and limited push streaming server technology, to one based on streaming server technology for all data requests, with greatly increased interactivity.

Today, Lab49 is at the forefront of designing and engineering high performance multi-asset SDPs, delivering the world's biggest banks a white-labeled scalable solution to real-time pricing, order management, advanced execution, and post trade services. The latest initiatives Lab49 has been working on include 3D user experience (UX) to enhance desktop real estate, low latency messaging and cloud (public/private) deployment of business logic server processing.

Today’s pricing, trading and risk platforms must stand up to the lightning-fast pace of market data plus the intensive computational requirements of risk calculations and quantitative modeling. We design and build scalable, fault tolerant, low latency trading and analytical systems that enable decision making and give traders and risk managers powerful command of their domains.

Our experience includes: high performance; high availability ATS matching engine and OMS built on distributed caching technology; FX algorithmic trading engines built on CEP and high speed messaging technologies; high volume DMA; tick-database and market data infrastructures to serve clients trading in the domestic and international markets.

Effective reporting and analysis can transform terabytes of data into meaningful information. We apply our expertise in data warehousing, data mining, and data visualization to build reports and interactive data analysis tools that inform decision making. When web technologies are implemented to deliver effective user experiences, applications enable people to achieve business goals. We use our command of web and desktop frameworks such as WPF, Flex, Silverlight, and HTML5 to deliver the most advanced user interfaces that let people better plan strategy, execute trades, monitor positions, hedge risk, and react to events.

Our experience spans many types of high performance application for the front office including multi-asset single dealer platform, OLAP-based portfolio risk analysis tools, numerous advanced trader desktop applications, and advanced visualization tools for risk and analytics groups. It also encompasses high speed algorithmic and strategy trading user interfaces for virtualized aggregation of several markets, experience developing for Android, iPhone and iPad and multiple market liquidity virtualizations.

We have a very deep understanding of capital markets infrastructure, from exchange connectivity through scaling to support a large and diverse set of rich interactive applications.
Nick Pratt Nick Engineering, New York