Program Management

Lab49's business-aligned, world class delivery organization has experience in executing business programs and high value engineering projects. We manage major strategic initiatives that are complex and often multi-disciplinary and help our clients with capital budgeting, planning, coordination, and risk management. We continue to demonstrate our experience in delivering solutions across many asset classes, types of organizations, and a spectrum of problem domains.

Program Management

Lab49 helps senior business executives design, refine, and operate large-scale business programs and strategic initiatives. Through our pragmatic and flexible approach to problem solving, and our distinguished record in delivery, we are able to define well-formed programs that have the appropriate level of instrumentation, transparency and control. We bring clarity, conciseness and consistency to bear on providing a risk management platform for delivery across the entire business community.

Agile Project Management
Lab49 has always been focused on engineering excellence in capital markets. Our world class experience in delivering large and often complex solutions is founded on our ability to manage these projects effectively. Our delivery model is comprised of industry best practices and a pragmatic and agile approach to design, development and implementation. We blend our own experience and processes with specific client requirements, and focus on delivering high quality software on a frequent basis.
Risk Management
Delivering first class solutions requires an unparalleled focus on quality and risk management. Embedded in our delivery model is a suite of process and engineering best practices to ensure we have a real-time view on deliverable quality. Our focus on collaboration with our clients and instrumentation of our projects provides our clients with transparency and control over a project’s lifecycle.

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