User Experience

Users of complex systems need to grasp dynamic information instantly and act decisively. Lab49’s user experience designers craft exceptional experiences that enable our clients to be smarter and more nimble.

User Research
User experience design begins with a deep understanding of users based on their experiences and targeted research.
User Experience Architecture
Well structured user experiences enable sales, research, trading, and operations users to interact with information, connect with their colleagues, and execute complex transactions.
Interaction Design
The structure and flow of an application must take into account user behaviors and mental models while optimizing process and workflow. Our applications let people move fluidly through complex interactions to accomplish their business goals.
Visual Design
Elegant user interfaces empower people and strengthen brands. We are applying our substantial expertise in graphic design, illustration, and animation to reconceive the modern application interface in service to business users.
Data Visualization
How people perceive data determines how quickly and effectively they can process it. We tame data from multiple sources into coherent information so people can readily see patterns and trends that inform how they do business.

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Some companies talk about their singular process like it will unlock the secrets to success. By contrast, the nature and needs of each project determine the tools, techniques, and methodologies that we use to do our best work.
Jon Tobey Jon User Experience, New York