About us

Lab49 is a specialist consultancy that designs and develops bespoke and innovative technology solutions in partnership with key participants in financial markets.

Financial market specialists

With our specialist focus on financial markets and our integrated strategy, design, and product development expertise, we are uniquely capable of delivering and embedding best-in-class solutions to our clients’ complex and varied commercial and technical needs.


We strive to be the partner of choice for the most impactful and complex next-generation transformation projects within financial markets globally.

We deliver tailored solutions and technical tools that enable financial markets participants to create long-term value, differentiate themselves from competitors, and preempt technological, regulatory, and competitive change.

Premier track record

Founded to bring Silicon Valley solutions to Wall Street, Lab49 has worked on successive waves of technological change, including distributed computing, high-speed automation, enterprise UX and digital distribution, DevOps, cloud, and data science.

We are an established partner in financial markets, having delivered hundreds of projects for clients since 2002, including all the world’s Tier-1 investment banks and many of the largest buy-side firms globally.

Leadership and team

We have an innate understanding of financial markets and our clients’ commercial requirements, epitomized by a global team with a proven track record of delivery.

Our team’s diverse expertise covers the dedicated skill sets of product strategy, design, engineering, data analytics, and delivery management. This enables a full-lifecycle offering and close collaboration with our clients’ commercial and technological teams in equal measure.

Why Lab49

Lab49 was founded in 2002 and we have delivered over 1,200 successful projects.