Focus areas

We have developed proprietary expertise in key areas that are radically reshaping financial markets, allowing us to deliver exceptional value for all our clients.

  • Digital Disruption

    Digital disruption continues to transform financial markets, with the ongoing digitalization of market functions demanding innovation from all participants. As one of the first significant enterprise UX and digital distribution practices established on Wall Street, we help our clients to identify and design new digital services that offer a best-in-class user experience.

  • Blockchain and Crypto

    Blockchain, Defi, Web 3.0, and Crypto are the latest buzz words everyone is talking about it; but behind the hype is the promise of a radical transformation that is being powered by vibrant and growing market for dApps and their unique value proposition. This transformation has the potential to touch the largest enterprise along with the retail customer. At Lab49 we recognize the promise and perils of such wholesale transformation, as we have guided players of all shapes and sizes across equally perilous transformations.

  • Product Innovation

    The speed of technological advancement and intense competition in financial services has increased the pressure on participants to devise and build new products swiftly. Working with the world’s leading investment banks and buy-side firms, Lab49 draws on an unparalleled understanding of domain-specific requirements to deliver technical front-office solutions built on agile, evolutionary architecture.

  • Simplification

    The evolution of banking technology has often inadvertently created legacy systems that are complex, unwieldy, and ill-suited to the business’s current commercial priorities or market landscape. To successfully achieve the gold standard of a leaner, more manageable technology estate, we deliver programs that consolidate business activities and data into centralized applications and repositories.

  • Big data

    Financial institutions that have invested significant time and money into consolidating data into a centralized ‘single source’ encounter significant challenges in cleaning, structuring, managing, and accessing their data. At Lab49, we build forward-looking data architectures to enable effective data consolidation, but are also dedicated to moving beyond these problems, helping to realize value from that data and impart data science capabilities to our clients.

  • Cloud

    The transition to cloud-native systems is complex but increasingly urgent within financial markets to expedite software development, replace legacy applications, and reduce costs. Lab49 employs a deep expertise of cloud architectures and DevOps to overcome technical challenges and build infrastructures that support the continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of new applications.

  • Regulation

    Global financial markets are governed by constantly evolving regulations. Compliance is made even more challenging by the development of increasingly complex technological systems. Combining technical understanding and business strategy expertise, our specialists anticipate the implications of incoming regulations and help each client implement a right-sized response.