Developing a cloud-native exception management platform

Client Type

Industry utility.

Business Context

To accelerate the exception management portion of post-trade processing, an industry utility planned to launch a new cloud-native platform.


Lab49 helped deliver a cloud-based service that successfully integrates third-party data to reliably provide a single, consistent view of each trade.

Ponderous post-trade processing needs cloud-based solutions

Post-trade processing remains the single largest contributor of cost and inefficiency to global trading activity. For financial services utilities established to deliver post-trade services, cloud-based management platforms can expedite operations by enabling faster and more efficient data processing. This encompasses areas such as exception management, which serves to address mismatches between the buy-side and the sell-side.

Building a cloud-native platform at pace

Lab49 partnered with a major post-trade industry utility to design, build, and deploy a fully cloud-native trade exception management platform. The platform was designed to integrate third-party data from diverse sources into a single model, presenting users with a consistent view of the data underlying each trade. After rapidly creating a prototype to familiarize users with the project and serve as a basis for the final application, the Lab49 team developed the platform off-site, delivering the code on a weekly basis through a cloud-based shared repository.

A single, reliable solution for exception management

Following deployment of the application, built to function consistently in all environments, Lab49’s client was able to provide users of the utility with a cloud-native platform for managing trade exceptions based on a single source of data.


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Focus areas

Cloud-based solutions offer greater speed and efficiency for financial institutions but pose complex challenges through their implementation.

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