The Yield Book: Revitalizing a market favorite

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Tier-one investment bank.

Business Context

Citibank’s long-standing flagship fixed-income analytics service needed refreshing to maintain its industry-leading position.


Lab49 delivered a more modern, compelling, and effective platform, which was subsequently acquired by the LSE.

A new edition of the bond-trader’s bible

The Yield Book platform was developed by Citibank in the late 1980s and soon grew to be one of the world’s most trusted sources for fixed-income analytics. But while it remained a favored product of market makers and institutional investors over the following decades, Citibank recognized the need for a refresh to ensure the platform remained the industry’s tool of choice for data on fixed-income asset classes, indices, and markets.

Balancing the familiar and the cutting-edge

Citibank identified Lab49 as the partner with the required expertise to reimagine and reconfigure the user experience of its flagship product, while preserving its trademark functionality and flexibility. To tailor the overarching strategy to a market environment undergoing rapid regulatory and structural change, Lab49 and the Yield Book team worked extensively with a diverse range of end users to understand their different wants and needs. This informed each step of the subsequent design and software development process.

A world-class upgrade to the industry incumbent

The successfully executed program produced a redesigned platform which was visually compelling, maximized data relevancy and accuracy for each user, provided more sophisticated analytics, and was more robust, secure, and responsive than before. Following the successful process, Yield Book was acquired by the London Stock Exchange and heralded as the market’s leading fixed-income analytics business.


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