Building out a new industry utility for securitized debt

Client Type

Industry utility.

Business Context

A new industry utility, coordinating securitizations in one of the world’s biggest debt markets, needed to onboard users and collateral at scale to perform its function.


Lab49 supported the integration of a large, diverse, and sophisticated user base, allowing the client to achieve critical mass quicker.

Establishing new venues for debt securitization

The securitization of collateralized debt is a critical mechanism within global financial markets for allowing issuers to more efficiently access debt financing and a wider range of institutions to invest in fixed-income assets at a succession of points along the risk spectrum. However, regulators’ concern with how it disseminates risk through financial systems has created demand for centralized digital platforms to coordinate the issuance and management of collateralized securitizations of different types of debt, where performance and risk can be more effectively monitored and managed.

Rapidly scaling the new platform

Lab49 supported the build-out of, and integration of users onto, a new industry utility designed to fulfill a mission-critical role in one of the world’s largest debt markets by assets under management. It serves a range of user types, coordinating millions of pieces of collateral and supporting millions of messages every day.

Important strides towards full adoption

With the size of the market attracting a large and diverse user base, each with sophisticated integration protocols, Lab49’s work provided an important starting point for onboarding the entire universe of issuers, collateral, and investors onto the platform.


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