Developing a high-end blockchain visualizer for a premium game-studio and cross-chain NFT marketplace

Client Type

Crypto & NFT based game studio and Layer1 blockchain Elysium.

Business Context

Vulcan Forged required a high-end blockchain visualizer to support the launch of the organization’s new metaverse L1 blockchain, Elysium, set to be fully carbon neutral. Lab49’s technology has helped realize the Beta project of the offering, namely Vulcan Forged’s operations on Polygon. The learnings from this Beta stage will inform how Lab49 will support Vulcan Forged in the full-scale launch.


Lab49 worked collaboratively with Vulcan Forged and the key community to perfect and deliver the process and solution. This enabled the early onboarding onto Elysium and created both positivity and excitement around its market launch.

Taking advantage of emerging technologies

Today, many sectors are realizing the transformative potential of blockchain to operations following the widespread success across financial services. The metaverse, now a permanent feature in the online world, is catalyzing the significance of blockchain technology. Offerings such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs now allow consumers to extract real value from virtual reality.

A premium blockchain studio, Vulcan Forged was established as an easy-to-play one-stop-shop for enthusiasts of this sector. With over 104,000 active users, and a top 5 NFT market trading volume of over $2.6 million, Vulcan Forged is a highly respected platform within the sector. Committed to providing the best NFT gaming experiences possible and revolutionizing blockchain gaming, Vulcan Forged supports the development of world-class blockchain offerings for the most exciting platforms such as Everscapes and Galactic.

Differentiation in a crowded market

Although clearly already active in this market, Vulcan Forged wanted to add more value to its offering. It therefore built a new high performance blockchain, Elysium, to support NFT and gaming projects in need of a solid and reliable blockchain solution. However, looking to remain a leader in this increasingly crowded space, Vulcan Forged wanted to enhance this product further. With a proven track-record of delivery, Lab49 was identified as the chosen partner to ensure this was implemented effectively.

Lab49 created a new blockchain visualizer to give Vulcan Forged users a more holistic view of their wallets. Through the enhanced transparency provided by LAVA Burn, users gain a detailed and longer-lasting view of transactional information, so users can see which wallets are really burning and therefore make more informed transactions, leveraging the full benefits Elysium has to offer.

The statistical component of Lab49’s visualizer is what makes it unique. By providing real-time statistics about Elysium which light up whenever a key LAVA generation moment occurs, users can react instantaneously and execute the most rewarding transactions.

In recognition of the challenges attached to the increasing number of data points associated with Elysium, Lab49 included additional functionalities within its offering. With fully customizable capabilities, LAVA Burn enables users to reverse and slowdown the information shown on their screen, allowing for easy analysis of the situation in front of them and execute only the most rewarding transactions.

Foundations laid

Through collaboration and coordination between Lab49 and Vulcan Forged’s engineers, the visualizer has added more substance to the platform’s offering. The transparency provided by LAVA Burn has transformed a complex technology into one which can be easily understood, therefore opening Vulcan Forged to new audiences. The platform is now in a strong position to embark on the full launch of their new blockchain later this year.


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