Product and delivery

We have a proven track record in delivery management, consistently overseeing the successful completion of complex projects within the agreed scope, timings, and cost.

  • Cross-border collaboration

    We have experts in offices across the world, which allows us to bring in the best person for the job, regardless of geographic location. Our teams work collaboratively across borders, bringing diverse perspectives to the table and ensuring that projects are constantly responsive to clients’ needs.

  • Management

    Lab49 was among the industry’s first movers in agile delivery management and has delivered hundreds of projects for leading institutions in financial markets since 2002. This unparalleled experience means we are well-versed in program setup and governance, can reliably manage test strategy and testing automation, and offer the most effective and transparent risk management procedures.

  • Sector expertise

    To effectively operate in an agile environment, all our product and delivery experts have deep sector knowledge and extensive experience. We know what matters and what steps are needed to accommodate necessary changes and deliver solutions that are functional, valuable, and credible.

Roles and Current Opportunities