Sales and business development

Our Sales and Business Development team help drive our growth by securing new projects and overseeing the delivery of our innovative, tailored solutions to new and existing clients in financial markets.

  • Client relationships

    Our team establishes trust and builds long-term relationships with a wide range of senior leaders and decision makers in financial markets, with a focus on understanding their business technology needs. They draw on strong interpersonal and presentation skills to articulate Lab49’s vision for addressing current and prospective clients’ most complex challenges.

  • Financial acumen

    Upholding the firm’s reputation for a best-in-class understanding of financial markets, Lab49’s sales and support service professionals are capable of assessing their clients’ requirements and identifying optimal solutions. They combine creativity with a logical and analytical approach to problem-solving.

  • Team leadership

    Sales is fundamentally a team effort, with our business development professionals working closely with colleagues to win projects and overseeing account operations to set strategic priorities, coordinate teams, ensure excellence and consistency of delivery, and achieve complete client satisfaction.